Wilber M. Salgado

Wilber M. Salgado was born in El Salvador and raised in California’s South Bay and the Central Valley.



Wilber obtained police training and was awarded Associate Degrees in Social Sciences and Criminal Justice from Modesto Junior College in 2004.   He continued his education and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in legal Studies in 2007 at Humphreys University.

Five years later, Wilber graduated with his Juris Doctor from Taft Law School.  Soon after obtaining his law degree, he sat for the rigorous 3-day California bar exam in February of 2013, and passed the exam on his first attempt.

He was sworn in to practice law in February of 2014.


Professional Work:

From 2000 to 2006, Wilber worked as a Park Ranger for the US Army Corps of Engineers, and enjoyed working security for the Gallo family and other executive protection details.

In 2007, Wilber changed career paths to realize his dream of becoming an attorney, and began working as a paralegal for well known, respected law firms, such as Hakeem Ellis & Marengo; Mayall Hurley Knudsen Smith & Green; and Curtis Legal Group.

His experience, determination and passion allowed him to open his law practice, Salgado Law Office, soon after being sworn in as a licensed attorney in California in 2014.



An avid car enthusiast, Wilber enjoys classic cars shows, auctions, and events.  His favorite time of the year includes Graffiti Summer in Modesto, former home and inspiration to both George Lucas and his iconic movie, Graffiti Nights.

Other hobbies Wilber enjoys includes music, literature, weight lifting, martial arts, and traveling.

Wilber takes great pride in being a dedicated, loving father and, most importantly, staying true to his Faith.